I stood up for myself.

The quickest way to get me off of Facebook addiction: Take away the ‘delete’ post option!!!! 😱😱😱🤣

Okay, that was just a little joke about me with a lot of truth. Anyway!!

Granted, it was over the phone, the next day but I did it! I am so glad I stayed up writing those raw thoughts out. He called four times this morning, the fourth time woke me.

I scolded him perfectly. Didn’t get nasty, didn’t really put emotion in it except a tint of anger, and put him and his boss/gf/woman older than me but mentally a freaking baby in diapers in their place.

Just for that bit of sugar I did apologize “for yelling at you on your birthday” but like I told him, his behavior last night was absurd and I WILL NOT stand for it.

He literally apologized and said, “I’ll let you go.” Off the phone- so I said thank you for the apology and ttyl.



I will be writing here more regularly now. I feel way less insane talking through my shit here than freaking Fb.

I am going to treat myself.


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