I’ll never quite heal.

I was diagnosed with PTSD and depression, anxiety. I took meds for like two weeks last year. I’m not a meds person, the only thing I took successfully for years was birth control, and not even for birth control. I took it because it kept my skin clear of acne.

Which, I would love to have this mirena removed and start bc again. I’ll have to have it removed in two years anyway.

Back on track- my PTSD really frustrates me. I have strong issues with men now, especially men telling me what to do or being demanding of me. Or touching me, or just being around them.

It’s tough because my entire life I gravitated to males much easier than females, we got along easier, I understood them more. Now I’m completely alone, I have my son yes but I’m talking other adults.

My thoughts are scattered.. I am utterly hopeless.

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Hey… I just happened on your journal. I have PSTD, depression and schizophrenia and diabetes.. in which I take a crapload of pills and shoot myself up with insulin twice daily. I am not a meds person either but sh*t happens. Have faith. *hugs*

August 18, 2018

you now have me! I am here when you need to talk

August 25, 2018

you’re not hopeless. none of us are. if you don’t want to take meds, have you tried other approaches like meditation & yoga? they really help me feel better. i do at least 20 minutes of yoga every morning & it feels so good even though i’m super duper struggling with my mental health right now. i hope things look up for you soon!