What I wish he’d understand

I allowed you to break something in me. Not me myself. I’m physically still here, walking this beautiful, yet damaged soil while being more than the okay single mother I ever thought I could be.

You see, you make this about wanting to have and control mere mortal flesh where I see we’ve made a mere miracle. A living being with the ability to build memory, feel, to grow in unimaginable ways. I want nothing to do with you but to work as a team to raise the best imaginable human being for all of human kind.

So as I will nevvvvvvvver love you.. My love of you being in his life matters, I’ll never be the one to blow that flame out of existence.

I’m stuck with you in my life, let’s make the best of it for our son?

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February 22, 2019

This a beautiful entry. You are one of the special souls, that feels empathy and has a conscious, in regards to your behavior and how it affects other’s. God Bless You. The world needs you…

February 23, 2019

@seaoflove thank you. ๐Ÿ’œ