Family Background

The living arrangement in my family is pretty wild if you ask me. My older sister and her 5 kids are living with my mom and my little brother and sister. That’s 9 people so far, PLUS 2 babies. The one y/0 belongs to my 18 y/o niece and the 7 month old belongs to my 16 y/o nephew!! So total that’s 11 bodies in one roof! My little sister told me yesterday that she found an apartment and did the paperwork and the deposit and is all set to move this Saturday. Mind you she is 18 and she is really proud of herself and so am I! I am though a bit worried about her because she will be getting into a lot of serious responsibilities, she’ll be moving in with her boyfriend, and I’m hoping this is something she won’t regret later on. I have no control of whatever happens but still I worry. There is a lot of more deeper issues that I am not going to write about because that’s not my right to say, all I want is her to be happy because she needs it in her life!

As for my older sister and her kids….they need prayers y’all, if you could send prayers to them I would appreciate it! I love and care for my family as much as we fight and argue, I always carry love for them and I always pray for them! I will be spending Thanksgiving with them hopefully no arguments/fights! *fingers crossed*

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November 27, 2018

Is the state going to help your reletives with the young children like with medicle and clothes and food and etc? Or do the fathers have good jobs where they can pay for all of this?

November 28, 2018

Congratulations to your little sister on getting her own apartment at only 18 years old. Hopefully it won’t be too much responsible for her to take on.