I used to have account here.

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Its sad😢 that I forgot the email I used for this website. I had entries from when I was in high school. I would of loved reading my entries and walk through memory lane! I am glad however, that the site is back and brand new. I guess that means opening a new account is meant to be! Right? Anyway I am going to post many things I have going on right now. From my job, family, and life in general. High school me back then and how I am right now…..such a HUGE difference! I’ve learned a lot and would 😍LOVE to share my experience with the world! 



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November 15, 2018

I started writing here when I was nineteen.  Looking back at some of what I wrote then is painful as I stare at forty coming up in a few months……

November 16, 2018

@control-h Wow! Amazing! I started writing here at 16 y/o it helped me cope with a LOT of teenage issues I had going on. I’m now 31. I emailed opendiary and hopefully they would be able to find my old account!

November 17, 2018

@snowbunz66 My sophomore year of high school English teacher had this extra credit assignment for journaling.  Out of a class of about thirty, I was the only one who did it.  I was new to the school (I actually went to three;  Army brat), and was missing my old school, flame, etc., pretty hard.  I was also fifteen, so there’s all that goes with that.  I was one of only three who did the assignment.  So she read all of them carefully.  All of them.  Every word.  Got the, “if you need to talk to somebody, you can see the counselor,” bit.  After that, I stopped writing for years.  OD helped me start back up.

November 16, 2018

It’s good to have you back – if you know your old user name and password, you can reclaim your old diary, even if you don’t have the old email – there are instructions on the front page (you have to be logged out to see them).

November 16, 2018

@thediarymaster thank you, I sent the email, hopefully it’s the right username it’s been awhile I might of forgotten.

November 19, 2018

Welcome back to OpenDiary. Sorry you can’t revive your own diary. I didn’t revive any of my diary entries either, when I returned.

November 20, 2018

@justamillennial UPDATE: Opendiary found my old diary! I was able to get in and read my old entries, not sure how to react towards them though. I was a very negative and lonely soul back then very angry. It’s weird to be honest because I’m reading from a teenage point of view, might post a few on here later on! Thanks for the comment!