giphy gifMost of the students are out sick with flu/cold and now I’m here at home also sick. Not where I want to be. I have itchy/sticky eyes, watery nose, scratchy throat, lips swollen and dried out, and my body aches. I tried going back to sleep but I can’t so I’m here. It’ll be two weeks until Winter Vacation at work, I think all of us deserve a vacation!!  I might have to find other activities to fill in my days. Maybe hang out with my nieces. Do some Christmas activities with them. I don’t know I’ll come up with something. I might just buy some gingerbread house kits and have them create their own house! Anyway, I’m going back to bed and hopefully wake up, make some soup and then go back to bed! ✌️

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December 7, 2018

Hope you feel better soon.

December 13, 2018

Hope you’re feeling better.