Toxic People

To talk about people who are no good for you…it’s hard, especially if those people are the ones you knew your entire life. When is it time to say “enough is enough”? How many times will you be taken for granted and be used like a rag doll every single time they ask for a favor? How many times will they look at you like you’re the enemy when you finally had enough and spoke up? 


I’ve been battling my relationship with my family for so many years. We go months without speaking and then talk again like if nothing happened. I try and when I say I TRY, I actually do try to amend things with them but nowadays it just seems everyone just wants to be left alone..and I get that. My entire life, since the day my father died (I was 9), I always felt alone. I always been the “black sheep” of the family and I always had to figure things on my own. Hey in the end I became a stronger person but I’ll leave that for another post. Anyway, the holidays are creeping in and yet again it will be a lonely one for me. Not that lonely, I have my partner and my fur babies, in the end those three will always have my back! I am not letting a disagreement with family impact my life anymore. Toxic people only create negative energy and at this time of my life, I will not let it impact me! 🙂

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November 18, 2018

sending you hugs!! I will adopt you

November 19, 2018

@kaliko Thank you!

November 19, 2018

Sorry to hear about your rocky relationship with your family. At least you have your partner and your pets.

November 20, 2018

@justamillennial  thank you! My small family is all I need! 🙂