Friday night rest…

Wow have i needed the sleep tonight! I fell asleep on the couch at 9:00pm and woke up at 12:30pm, now wide awake of course (!) you know when you have that kind of sleep where you partially wake up, but just to turn over and go back to sleep again, and again and again…those are the best kind of sleeps! I love those sleeps, it feels like i’m getting maximum rest.

Most days i wake up and never feel fully charged, like no matter how much i sleep, my battery will never reach 100%, i always feel like i’m running at 70 -80%. Then i keep thinking…this may get worse with age…that’s what i worry about…if i’m feeling like this in my mid 30’s what the hell am i going to feel like 10, 20, 30 years down the line? I’ve been working since i was 18, most people do, most people are all in the same rat race, but by god am i sick of it…i always just think to myself, wow id love to have some elaborate plan to be able to retire early (save,save, save yes…aside from that) i’m talking like instantaneous millionaire status….(lottery 😜 nah, never won yet!) Its all just too far fetched!

But seriously I get to the end of the week and i am just flat out exhausted…i cant wait to retire….in about 30 years..🙄


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September 27, 2019

I’m right there with ya, feeling the same way.  But, I’m in my 40s