Theme of the Week 81 – Have any silver linings, even if they are faint, started to present themselves during the current crisis?

I have multiple silver linings during this time of crisis. While the entire pandemic has been very difficult on me and my loved ones, there are a few things that have happened and a few things that have made the time more enjoyable. Firstly, I feel like I’ve been getting a lot of reading and movie-watching in and both are passions of mine. Also, we’ve been spending less money without shopping as much, not seeing live music, less eating out, no summer vacation, no amusement parks, etc. We certainly have missed doing those things but there is always a good side to most things in life. I choose to see both sides of every equation.

There are two definite silver linings. I started the hiring process for a new job prior to this pandemic and it was then put on hold once the pandemic began. The good thing is that it seems once more restrictions are lifted, I’ll probably be starting this new job. I’m truly excited to begin a new career. Last but certainly not least, I’ve reconnected with a friend/first love. We’ve remained friendly towards each other and have talked off and on since we…I ended our relationship about fifteen years ago. However, I think this time we’re both willing to put forth the effort to be friends. That makes me smile because we’ve always had a connection.

Oh! As for my boyfriend, he has taken on a new part-time job during this crisis. Well, it’s not a new job, per se. It’s doing the same part-time job with a better company. He’s also started doing a podcast a few months ago, of which he’s incredibly proud. Of course, he still has his full-time job working in a nursing home, which is both good and bad during this time. I still work in healthcare too, which is also both good and bad. Good because we still have jobs when a lot of people lost their jobs during state shutdowns. Bad because we’re having to be in places where small COVID-19 outbreaks have occurred.

Of course, the best silver lining is that my loved ones and I have not contracted this virus. That is the best silver lining of them all.

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