That’s My Teddy Bear!

As you might already know, I am a dump truck driver for a well-known asphalt company called ST Bunn. A few days ago, it was raining hard, and the truck drivers, one by one, came inside the office and read what was written on the schedule board. “All drivers are on hold, weather pending”. So, we all clocked in and went into the shop where there are places to sit, relax, drink coffee, and talk with each other. Donnie (one of the drivers) stood up and started walking away, and then tripped over his own feet and fell to the floor.

I seized the opportunity, and I stood up and looked at him and pointed my finger at him and said “Don’t sleep with my Teddy Bear again!” One of the other drivers looked at me and asked me, Stephen, did you just hit him? I said; he slept with my Teddy Bear! I turned back towards Donnie, still laying on the floor, and I asked him; did you stick your finger in his butt hole? Because he hates that! I should know because I’ve done it many times. It’s just so soft and fluffy in there. That is my Teddy Bear and my butt hole, and you had no right to sleep with my Teddy Bear!

Donnie stood up, brushed himself off, and said I have no idea what the hell you’re talkin’ about. I just tripped and fell, and that’s all that happened. I looked around and said, hey, I saw the opportunity and I took it. I thought it was funny. You guys didn’t think it was funny? With the whole Teddy Bear thing and the butt hole thing? No? Hmmm, I’m going to get some coffee.


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June 13, 2020

I would have said, How was the trip and when is the next one?

June 13, 2020

@jaythesmartone Jodie, Thank you for your comment. Although, I must say that’s an old high school cliche. In my humble opinion, mine is better hahaha. 🙂