We Are One

This could be the most important message you ever read. Please copy and share it with all your friends.

** Acceptance **

Everyone wants it, and very few people think they have it. Here is the interesting part. If everyone wants acceptance, and everyone is so busy wondering if they are accepted, then no one is actually judging you like you think they are. In fact, most people are so busy judging themselves, to even consider judging others. Your insecurities for acceptance are all in your mind.

** Playing it Cool **

When you are talking to your friends, you pretend as though your life has no problems, no worries, no insecurities, no troubles, and everything is just cool. When your friends ask, Hey! How are you? You always give them the same answer. I’m fine. Are you the only one that does this?? Nope! Not at all! In fact, most everyone hides the troubles and problems that they are having in their life. Why?? Because no one wants to be judged.

** We Are So Much Alike **

We really and truly are! We all fight for acceptance, and battle with our own insecurities. We are so afraid of being judged by others, that we will go through our entire life, pretending that everything is just fine. In reality, if you were to ever ask any of your friends if they have any insecurities, if they are afraid of being judged by others, or if they are looking for acceptance from others. If they answer you honestly, then the answer will be yes. So you see, we all fight this long and never-ending battle of life, as we just try to fit into the world.

But in the end, you’re only fighting with yourself.


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June 26, 2020

I have some questions for you…..

What was your first thought about Trump when he started to say stupid things that made no sense?

What about the people who write here do you judge them?

Have you ever known anyone who was just an idiot because they always did stupid things like drive drunk?

I hate to tell you but it doesn’t matter how great we think we are we are always judging other for whatever reason and also judging us…especially our parents.

June 26, 2020

@jaythesmartone I don’t watch the news, so I don’t know anything about what Trump is doing or saying.  If you say that he is saying stupid things, then he is human after all.

I don’t judge people that write here or anywhere else.  I don’t share their mindset or their thoughts. It would be wrong for me to pass judgment on someone when I have not even taken a step in their shoes.

People do stupid things. Showing off.  Being immature. Thinking they can drive straight when their drunk. We learn from our own mistakes.  The same type of stupid mistakes that everyone does at some time in their life.  But we should not judge anyone for taking the wrong path.  Especially since there isn’t anyone there to show them the right path.

I want to know who “WE” is.  Because you say that we are always judging others. And just because such thoughts run through your mind, it doesn’t mean that is how you truly feel about them.  People are free to think about whatever they want, as long as they don’t commit those thoughts to true and judgmental feelings.  Why would someone judge another person, just because a negative thought about that person, went through their mind?

June 26, 2020


You answered this way different then I had originally thought….I was not judging anyone and I think people think they are judging because we always think we are perfect and always doing the right thing.

Actually I think what we really are thinking is that  just because we wouldn’t do that doesn’t mean it’s bad or stupid but just a different way to get whatever done……

And in the end it really doesn’t matter what anyone think as long as you love yourself and can live a happy productive life, such as it can be….

June 26, 2020

@jaythesmartone Yes, you are right.  It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks.  As long as you truly believe that no one is passing judgment on you, then you can live a happy and productive life.  “Because You Feel Accepted”

I hate to tell you, but very few people think they are perfect. In fact, they look in the mirror and see more flaws and imperfections than anyone else will ever see.  Because it’s all in their mind.  They are too busy judging themselves, to be passing judgment onto someone else.

The only exception I can think of is a bully.  They will, in fact, pass judgment on other people to make themselves look superior. This is triggered because they were or are being mistreated by someone bigger then they are.  So they bully someone smaller, as a way to regain the self-worth that was taken from them.

Oh! I went off-topic and started rambling. Sorry about that.