Weird feeling.

I was talking to my brother earlier. The conversation consisted of both deep topics and typical small talk. Still..somewhere during the conversation, I started having a weird feeling.

My instincts were screaming at me ‘get off the phone now’. I’m not sure what he said to spark this; and I’m not sure it was just one thing. But I know that I fell into a silent lull, waiting for him to stop talking so I could make up any excuse to end the call.

Something doesn’t feel right with my family, any of them. But especially, my brother. I can’t explain it.

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Crazy! I love talking to my sister but I can never get 3 words in. She talks and talks and tells me the same bloody thing 3 times and they are never the same. She can’t ever get a story straight lol

Sorry to hear your brother was giving off bad vibes.

March 25, 2021


Thanks for reading & commenting! Yes! I dunno what it was, but something felt so sketchy.

April 3, 2021

I feel this way with most of my family. I’m sorry 😞

April 6, 2021

Trust your instincts. Even if you don’t know what’s going on, you’re picking up on something.