Like you knew what a homophone was before i said

Shh. The child is talking.

JP:5 Nilla: 2

Me: "Let’s play a game!"
JP: "Okay. I’ll be the volcano and you be the loser!"

We are at a library for a science demonstration for kids. The library has a pinata as decoration hanging from the ceiling. After the science show the speaker invites kids to come up and ask her questions.

Me: "JP, why don’t you go ask her a question! This is your chance."
JP *walks up to speaker*
JP: "Excuse me? Who is going to hit the pinata?"

JP: "Woahhhh. That is one big claw!……Do Dull Bozers drive on streets, too?"

JP: *points to tampon dispenser in women’s restroom* "What’s that?"
my mother: "It’s broken."

Nilla: "Look, a school!"
My mother: "No honey, that’s a house."
Nilla: "No, it’s a SCHOOL."

Me: "Ouch!"
Nilla: "I scratched you."
*sticks out her leg*
Nilla: "scratch me!"

Okay, enough about the kids that aren’t even mine.

Speaking of which – only kinda – word association-ish:
I saw the film The Kids Are Alright a few weeks ago. Okay. All fine and good.
But then it struck me – practically upside the brainstem: was exactly was the title of the movie? Words, grammar, etymology. Punctuation (ooh la la).  And I still don’t know why I can’t get through Eats, Shoots, and Leaves. It’s hilarious. Relevant to my interests. Blood boiling (for a grammar nerd). 

"Alright" and "all right" have two very different meanings, bu are pretty much homophones (sound the same but have different meanings). "The Kids Are Alright" and "The Kids are All Right" make two very different movies if you like to hang meanings on titles as heavily as I. Anyway, if you’ve seen the movie – food for thought.

This website’s character limit on subject lines irks my love for long titles.

Shameless spam FUN

If you have a smartphone/ipad/ipad-like device I encourage you to check out the game Shadow Cities. I am extremely addicted. It’s an easy MMORPG that can addict beginners and long time MMORPG addicts. I’m Barnum on the Animators (green!).

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July 21, 2011

I’m totally about to order a copy of “Eats, Shoots, and Leaves.” I ****ing hate punctuation, but I hate incorrect punctuation even more, and the result is that I wind up not saying things I want to say because I can’t remember how to punctuate it. **** THAT NOISE.