Nature is cleansing us from her system.

I think She’s sick of us.


"Just What The Doctor Ordered". 5/1/11
This is from the TV guide section of my newspaper. I’m abysmal at keeping my boxes from obscuring my words so this is what it says:

the perfect storm
the aftermath
a century
left untouched by man

Also, I realized after you black out (or in this case, brown out) the background, you don’t have columns to help you read in the proper order. Thus, the lines were my attempt at directing the reader.


I watched the documentary The Pixar Story. I knew the Pixar team was brilliant, but I didn’t realize how much so (and very white male)- almost inconceivably so, I mean it’s first FIVE movies were not only hits but each out earned its predecessor. That’s hard to do when your first film was the cash cow, moviegoer darling Toy Story. Followed by Toy Story 2, A Bug’s Life, Monster’s Inc., Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles.

Someone’s on brain steroids. And I want some.
Also, I’ve realized after this movie that my life’s dream is to now work at Pixar. I have no artistic talent to speak of – unless they’re recruiting people who can draw only stick figures and really questionable looking frogs – but I WANT IN.

bad drawings of frogs

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May 7, 2011

The frog picture cracked me up. You know, there IS a market for ****ty art. Do you read hyperboleandahalf? And holy crap, now she’s writing a book! You should just do that.

I ridiculously love your ugly frogs (particularly the tadpole which reminds me of Loony Tunes) thank you for the lines too, that wouldn’t have made any sense without them, but I really like it.

May 19, 2011

ryn: That perspective works w/ me on some level; I like it. We exist as an abstract thing, and then our reality/world and all of it’s “rules” are applied to us, and it transforms us to something different? Tough to nail these things down on notespace, but interesting discussion anyway. You make a good point. Also, I did make some sort of blackout “art;” really enjoyed it. It’s a few entries back.

May 19, 2011

…I’ll try to play around with some more blackout stuff in the future, I think. so nice meeting you, I enjoy your input and ideas. I hope you’ll keep posting stuff that you create! later,