You might remember THIS entry: my first attempt at frogs. (Although that drawing is originally from March 2009).

Well, I decided, enough is enough.
I’m 21. I should be able to draw a frog that doesn’t look like a scary robot or lizard hybrid.

So at work I asked Elaine to draw a frog for me, just so I could get an idea of how normal humans do it.

One of the following frogs was copied from Elaine’s sketch.
The rest….

there’s something wrong with me.

I’ve had a UTI for two weeks now. I took antibiotics for a week every 12 hours as instructed. I ended Wednesday. But by Sunday I felt it return. And my doctor hasn’t called me back to tell me if I need a different kind of antibiotics or I should just continue with the same kind.

I’m blaming this on sex. I was fine Wednesday-Thrs. Sex Friday. UTI back Sunday. (And yes, I peed after sex to prevent this whole thing). And worst part is, it’s really mediocre sex. Lately, especially with this first UTI messing with my head, I just kind of lie there and let him do whatever while I think mostly why can’t you be like a stereotypical young guy and finish prematurely? Even though I’ve mostly gotten over the detached rape-victim mindset I precedented for myself, I still find very little pleasure in intercourse. Dabs of it maybe. Bursts here and there, but interspersed on a long time line of why did i let this happen again? why? Because we get into it and my body tells me it wants one thing, but then he gets the condom and pretty quickly I’m wondering why I said yes (to his ever constant "do you want to have sex?" panted into my ear).

See what I did there?
Bait and switch.

You thought you were getting an innocent entry on frogs and I horrify you with my artistic AND sexual malfunctions.


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May 24, 2011

That commercial was disgustingly hilarious

May 24, 2011

That commercial is ridiculous. Also: he seriously asks it that way? “Do you want to have sex?” That’s not hot. Like, I understand asking permission, but come ooonnnn. Has sex ever been pleasurable with this boy? And those frogs are way better than the last batch of frogs, so go you! The blue one is my favorite. I want to high five him.

June 17, 2011

The commercial is amusing. I like the yoda frog.