A Couple of Firsts

My daughter’s dog, who is really now my dog since she moved out of the house, has not been spayed. She’s been in heat for what like seems forever. The male dog we took in shares the room with her.  Though neutered, he has made several, unsuccessful attempts, and she is fascinated with his red rocket. I notice one evening that his rocket was fully extended and that he was suffering from priaprism, or the inability of his penis to retract into its sheath. A few web searches and a call to the vet and it seems the cure (for dogs) is to lube it up and push it back in. So, with gloved hands, that’s exactly what I did. He was much relieved. My daughter thought it was hilarious.

Today, my wife discovered that another dog’s anus was prolapsed. Again, calls to techs we know (it’s Sunday and the emergency vet is too expensive) and web searches and the cure is similar. More gloves, more lube, less pushing, and his ass is intact. It retracted mainly on its own.

The joys of pet ownership.

Luckily for you, I didn’t take photos.


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June 23, 2019

I bet you looked like a real vet when you did that…..Poor puppies…..glad they are feeling better now.

June 24, 2019

Ahhh, reminds me of my vet tech days. I probably spent hours on the after hours emergency line to our clinic talking about penises and anuses and lube.