Almost Bedtime

Because I couldn’t think up another title. I slept most of the day. The dogs still get me up at 7, either preceding or following the pig banging on the door for her breakfast. It’s an annoying habit. We haven’t been able to break her of it. Once she’s fed, she’s usually quiet until dinnertime. It’s very warm here. Today wasn’t a total loss, though. I did manage to cut the front lawn. The yard is in very bad shape. I need weed killer. So much needs to be done here. The other day, we cleaned out the pantry and I sprayed for bugs. The warm weather has brought them out.

My wife has been using pickup services at Target and has attempted to use the grocery delivery services with no success. The one she tried was a total failure. They put our order with someone else’s and she had to cancel the whole thing. The woman who was being the personal shopper was extremely helpful and went far-and-above in attempting to get it all sorted out. In the end, we didn’t get anything. I’m to pickup some groceries tomorrow, if all works out.

I had to take something to sleep last night. I know that my naps are interfering with my sleep patterns, but I get bored, start reading or watching something and then I’m out. I hate it because it’s an old man thing and there’s so much I could be doing. I can’t shoot because we don’t want anyone coming over and, except for going through a drive-in for pizza, I haven’t been anywhere for two days.

It’s best I don’t go out and that I’m not working. My work is not essential. I’ve finished watching The Sinner with Bill Pullman on Netflix. The second season was better than the first, I thought. I’m now on Bordertown, which is a Finnish crime series. The lead is sort of a Sherlock Holmes character combined with the guy from Lie to Me, in that he sees things others miss. I started out watching the dubbed version, though I nearly always watch with subtitles going. The subtitles didn’t match the dubbing, which I thought was odd and I didn’t like the voice-over actor’s voice for the main character, so I switched to the Finnish and kept the subtitles. Oddly, much more enjoyable.

An old girlfriend IM’d me tonight saying one of the two boys she her husband took in, has the symptoms and was tested today. The whole family — the have two grown boys — are quarantined. Her husband is a minister and we’ve had good arguments about religion, but those have waned. No sense in rehashing the same arguments.

Another young woman I know posted, “Thank you Jesus” on her FB page and I thought she was being facetious, so I asked her about it. She said no. She says Jesus is getting her clean and may restore her marriage and that I couldn’t argue her out of it. I told her she is trading one drug for another, but if it’s helping, I guess it’s okay. It won’t last. I know her well enough. Her estranged husband is a jerk and is not in love with her. I think he’s in the closet, but too big of a redneck to acknowledge it. And sadly, I doubt she’ll ever be off drugs completely. Hell, her mother uses.

I’ve been restraining myself from commenting on such religious posts here and on Facebook. I really have to fight the urge to comment when people think their belief will keep them safe from COVID-19, while all around them people are getting sick and some are dying. I really hate magical thinking.


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March 27, 2020

I wish I could know how many people will die and how many will survive…I am so worried that I will get this and not be the same…..

March 27, 2020

Good evening. Not sure where you live but if you live in a city you may want to look into Amazon Fresh for your grocery shopping. I have used it several times and been pleased. Once they delivered to the wrong house and it was at night. By the next morning they replaced everything, then my neighbor returned the 1st order so I had double. They said to keep it. They are out of stock on some items but replenish quickly and you may have to be patient on delivery times but they release those during the day.  Before the virus delivery was that day, now for example I made an order today with a Saturday delivery. Anyway look into it and you decide.

March 27, 2020

@irishbudgie1954 Thanks…I’ll let my wife know.