We went to see Bob Dylan perform last night. I would have to give it a mixed review. The musicianship on that stage was wonderful. His band members were very impressive, two of them playing many different instruments throughout the night. They all had plenty of energy and Bob sounded like Bob. At 71, he hasn’t slowed down. The main problem was that there was a sameness to every song. He didn’t perform any of hits with the same melody heard in the recordings. I understand the necessary differences in the touring band and the recording studio, but some of his greatest songs were unrecognizable until I was able to make out a key lyric. Everything was done with a Rockabilly beat, even Blowing in the Wind. He was mostly unintelligible. He did not interact with the audience in the way that Stephen Stills and Judy Collins did at their concert last year in Atlanta. (They will be here this weekend, but I won’t be seeing them). Emily got us the tickets and she went with us and her boyfriend. She was able to get the seats upgraded from balcony (way back in this cavern of a auditorium) to the second section on the ground. We were in the first row, so we had a whole aisle between us and the first section, and visibility was great for both the stage and the goings-on in the house. They do not play around there with people taking photos. People got one warning and then were thrown out if they didn’t put away the phones. One guy was cursing and yelling, probably drunk, as well. People don’t know theatre etiquette, either, just getting up with the spirit moved them, not waiting between songs. The security crew, however, wouldn’t let people back into the auditorium until the song was over, as it should be. I did, however, feel like it would have been better if the seats weren’t there and people could dance. That sounds strange to say about Dylan’s music, but that was the kind of beat that he used throughout the night. He played for about two hours non-stop. I was happy to see a legend, though. He ended with a tribute to homeboy James Brown, who played many times in that auditorium throughout his life, playing It’s a Man’s World. I thought that was great and it was one of the best performed songs that night.

I have two shoots scheduled tomorrow after work. I expect one of them will cancel. I did have a very good shoot a couple of weeks ago. With her being nude — tattoos running the length of the body — I can’t post them here. She started to be a bit of pain after the shoot, asking me all sorts of questions about pay, etc., which seemed to have been prompted by a boyfriend. I saw her today in the store for the first time since the shoot and she was cool to me. Whatever.

The four of us above went to one of Stacey Abrams last rallies which was held in the mostly black section of Augusta. We were definitely the minority there! Emily got us front-row seats because she is the president of the Young Democrats here. She also got to speak.  

We are, of course, very disappointed in the outcome of the governor’s race here. Kemp is dishonest and I have little doubt his disenfranchising voters prior to the election hurt Abrams. We are very happy about the House.

My friend Tony’s son is up for a cover of a young adult book and the publisher needed some recent photos, so I shot him the other night.


I’m doing the sessions tomorrow at his house.

Work is settling down a little, though I’m doing calls that are supposed to last six hours. That, along with other calls, make for a long day and a long time on my feet. Yesterday, I walked 8.5 miles in stores!

Tony and I will be working together again on another play in Edgefield. I’m playing Francis Pickens. It’s another historical drama for the historical society there. They nixed the idea of me performing Tru, but the director — one of my actors from Anne Frank — has agreed to let me do my Masters photo exhibit concurrently, thus guaranteeing me traffic. I’ve applied for additional financial aid. I hope I get it because, if I don’t, there probably won’t be a third try. I have the script and have started memorizing lines.

My sister showed up at the rally, unfortunately, came up to me and spoke. I was cordial, but I don’t think there is any reconciling, though she seems to want this. She hurt my wife too badly this time. It’s not a situation I’m happy with, but I’m going to stand by my wife on this. We don’t need uproar in our lives.

Things are going well, considering money is always tight.

I’m listening to an audiobook that is one of the best-read I’ve listened to. It’s not the author, but this voice actor is really, really good. The book is called A Heartbreaking W0rk of Staggering Genius, a tale of this guy in his 20s who has to raise his brother who was orphaned from age nine. The author often goes on a little bit too much in some of his existential angst, but the reading almost makes up for that. The actor’s voices for the brother and other characters are just expertly done, especially the pre-teen/teen grunts and outbursts. And he does the neurotic older brother marvelously. With these long calls, I’m able to listen to a whole book in a few days.

I’ve been watching a lot of stand-up again and YouTube reenactments of why and how planes crash and also flight cockpit videos. I’m an armchair pilot, though I haven’t even played Flight Simulator X since the old computer crashed.

We filmed the prospectus for the movie investors, though Tony and I didn’t get to be in the crowd scenes. Instead, we would stand-ins for the actors. I was driving the car, Tony the passenger, and the local producer’s 17-year-old daughter was in the backseat. No pay, but the producer owns two restaurants here and we were fed very, very well, both there and on location. Filming being a slow process, we sat on our asses most of the day in the car, which suited me fine.

I’m still working on getting my weight back down.




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November 8, 2018

Glad you are back, I have missed you.  Sounds like you are a busy boy with lots going on.  Sorry about your sister…I hope she realizes what she has lost.  Glad Bob was like his old self and you enjoyed the concert.