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In the previous life of Open Diary, I used it as a forum to express my thoughts about politics, religion, and other social matters. Facebook and Twitter are more suited for that — Facebook being the dominant medium. If you want to see my take on these issues, search for John Greene. There are other John Greenes, but just click on my face.

These shootings have left me angry and with little patience for “thoughts and prayers” and 2nd amendment “rights” — rights that do not exist in the Bill of Rights, but were created out of the fat ass of the late Antonin Scalia in Heller,  a narrow 5-4 decision.

I have just about recovered from the overnighter on the movie set. I found out that one of the co-directors is a young woman who, as a teenager, auditioned for one my plays back when I was running my youth theatre. She had actually made a terrible impression on me and my wife.  As a director, she was very quiet from what I’m used to and stayed mainly behind the monitors, at least from what I saw…I really can’t make an accurate judgment. Our only interaction was her tapping me on the shoulder when she wanted me to cross the set. I doubt very much she had any idea of who I was.

The “interesting” photo shoot didn’t pan out and I will be highly surprised if tomorrow’s shows up.  There’s no question that if I want professionalism, I probably need to pay for it, but I just can’t afford to.  Yesterday was a very boring day at work, driving for more than two hours to the four Walmarts. They were busy and traffic was bad…but at least I wasn’t shot at.

I have my first rehearsal for the musical tomorrow and, as I’ve said before, I have mixed feelings about it, but it should help with my constant boredom, if nothing else.


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August 5, 2019

So sorry the photo shoots aren’t working out lately.

August 6, 2019

It’s made me angry too, and I feel totally without hope that anything will ever change. If Sandyhook wasn’t enough for us to actually get some gun control in place, nothing will. Just sent you a friend request! I don’t know why I hadn’t done that earlier; you’re friends with quite a few of my old OD friends already — (Beth Brittain)