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I was off today. Except for one long call I have tomorrow, I’ll be happy to get back to work. It forces me to have a routine. It’s never 100% peaceful at home with the animals, the TV going, and other distractions I won’t go into. I didn’t have a good night’s sleep last night, so I didn’t feel like doing all that I’d planned to.

I haven’t edited all the photos I shot and I could do some more of that, but I’m at loose ends. The burning of Notre Dame cathedral really upset me. I saw it when I was a teenager. I don’t remember going into it, but I do remember shooting photographs of the outside of the building. I think it had been cleaned and it looked wonderful. The good news seems to be that the basic structure is still sound.

Sometimes, after a photo session, it makes me only want to shoot more. That’s how I’m feeling now.

I ran into an old friend yesterday I hadn’t seen in a while. She lives near Atlanta now but we have contact on Facebook. We were catching up and she said that I “never grew out” of being outspoken, which I don’t think she was trying to be insulting, but it stung. I just made light of it and agreed. Otherwise, it was a pleasant conversation and we ended up talking as we did in past times.

One of the dog is licking the bed. I don’t know why he does that. He and the other Boston are lying next to each other. His previous owner had her son get him the other day to visit her at her new apartment where she was hosting family. I guess they wanted to see him one more time. He came back the next day, but it obviously upset him. It also upset Iris, the other Boston. He’s settling back in, but he was with her for a long time and, though he loves me, he is probably confused. If someone comes to the door, his reaction is like he’s expecting it to be her. Out of sight, out of mind, though and he’s content. We’re not going to allow that again.

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April 15, 2019

I am sure it’s no different for our pets to see our past owners just like adopted kids who visit their birth parents……

April 15, 2019

@jaythesmartone Maybe…but it can be explained to a child and he’ll understand…at least at a certain age…but the dog never will understand fully.

April 17, 2019

More good news: a lot of the sculptures were being held off-site during the current restoration process. At least that’s what the news said. I am also devastated, and I have never seen it.