Rehearsals are underway for A Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder and I have survived the first choreography session.  I had been dreading it, but they seem to have taken my warning of my dancing abilities to heart. Had the rehearsal gone badly, I would have bowed out. Plays are supposed to be fun and I didn’t want to be dreading rehearsals. We have been rehearsing at the choreographer’s studio and, Monday, we will be rehearsing at the theatre which is located on Fort Gordon. I had a busy work week and I actually bowed out of one rehearsal, something I don’t do much.

I heard nothing back from the film I sent my resume in for, a local production that I know nothing about. So I don’t really care. I’m still watching a lot of old movies on TCM, some classics that I never got around to watching and some minor films. From my perspective now, it’s odd to see these people, mostly now deceased, and realizing they were only in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, which these films were made. I was watching Ninotchka last night and Melvyn Douglas was in his late 30s, but looked much, much older. A character actor in the film, only a year older than I am now, looked in his 80s. Of course, the styles of the day made a big difference. It’s also tragic to read of some of the actors who died very young from alcoholism, heart disease, and such. I started to fall asleep and, thus, didn’t finish it. I wasn’t that much impressed with the great Garbo.

I’ve been listening to a book on the Taylor/Burton romance and marriages — though I haven’t gotten to the second one yet — and I’ve been watching some of their films. What lives they led! I remember much of it when it was going on, but I was a child and it didn’t concern me much.

Dare I say it?: I have a shoot scheduled for tomorrow morning here at the house. It’s the same girl I shot at the locks and we’re doing studio-type shots this time. I’ve had so many schedule and cancel. I wish I could afford to pay for models.

It’s been hot as Hell here for so long. I can’t get out to mow the lawn or do much outside. It’s too hot to live and I’m ready for fall and winter.

I am currently listening to a CD of Renee Fleming that I had never opened. It’s late 20th English-language opera, conducted by James Levine, who has fallen from grace. I really hate her recordings of popular songs with their over-emoting. As I listen to the “letter aria” from The Ballard of Baby Doe, she’s barely stopping from going in that direction. Such a beautiful voice, especially back in 1998, when this was recorded.

Getting older weighs heavily me, especially now that my job of supporting a family, raising a child, are over. Money is tight…but I don’t really want to commit to a full-time job again, even if someone would hire me at my age.



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August 11, 2019

The say the older we get the more we know and by the time our life ends we know everything.  So just because we are all aging doesn’t mean we are really getting old…I like to thnk of it as being more distinguished.

August 11, 2019

I would model if I lived closer! I’m not photogenic at all, but hey, you get what you pay for. lol.

August 11, 2019

@queenofegypt Lol…I’m sure you’d be a great model!