Back in the past

Dear someone,

This week was a long week, a lot has happened in it good and bad things but the thing that left me on edge and scared for sunday to come is my school. This wednesday Ministry of Health came to get us physically tested… there were different types of tests.. Breathing test, eye test, then there is your weight and height your BMI to… even a nicotine test we got…After we finished… They took us to a different room which had a doctor in it and you go inside individually… They ask you different types of health questions like: Do you have any surgery or major injury before? etc… Then they got to deep questions do you have depression… do you have social anxiety?

So my turn came in and i went through she asked me all questions and then she asked me do you have depression … I technically lied and said No… she looked at me suspiciously and she re asked it like 4 more time and my answer was still No… she was like okay fine.. she let me go…. I think after like everyone else finished … They called my name and asked me to go to the office… I thought it was something else but when i went there i found the same doctor sitting in the student council office alone…. she called me in and she re asked again i told her No…. then she was like fine she gave me a form to fill in.. Honestly to me it was just general questions… Like did you loose for then 5 kg in the past month… Do you often find problems sleeping or you oversleep… I answered the form and then i gave it to her.

I asked her What was it for? she was like it was a depression form… I panicked and i was like Why? I told you i didn’t have it.. she was like yeah I know … we just wanted you to fill it up.. I was like Okay.. i went back to class and i asked my friends did they give them a form to fill in they were like no.. i was like oh ok nevermind.

Yesterday, I went to my supervisor and asked her what happens after they analyse your data and stuff.. she was like they send a report to your parents whether your health or not and then if they found out you have a health problem they give it to school to add it to your medical file.I was like ok thanks.. Then i left.. That night when i went home i kinda felt down for some reason.. I dont know but i felt like my past and everything i have ever tried to hide or bottle up came back to the surface… I went back and reread all of my old journals that i used to write in them daily… I found out that 2 years of therapy never really helped me.. I always smile big and tell my parents i was fine and i am doing more then great… But my therapist always says when you remember your past and it puts a toll on your mood or it makes you cry then you really aren’t over it yet.

Hopefully, my report comes back as healthy because i dont have the energy to go through those tough months i have went through when my parents first knew.



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November 29, 2019

I’m a bit confused as to why they’re forcing tests on several of you at school (if I understand correctly). Because no one can force any tests or any form of medical treatment on you if you don’t want it. Maybe there is something I’m not understanding, but that one about the depression form… pretty underhanded, they actually lied to you about it being a standard form. Not cool.  And whatever it was that your parents “first knew” during your couple of tough months, I hope it gets better. {{ }}

November 30, 2019

@thenerve Basically they dont force us its something we have to get regardless of anything plus our parents obviously know about it… Funny thing is they came 2 weeks ago but school notified us and i skipped school that day so i dont get the checkup… but this week they came unnotified and everyone who didn’t get the checkup got it…. And yeah they lying to me was so not we are waiting for sunday to come to see if they are really gonna give a report to my parents…. the thing is she knew i was lying when i said No… because while she was asking me she was checking my heart beat too so when she asked i panicked and my heart beat was getting faster.. she noticed it i guess

November 30, 2019

@someonebroken – “…they dont force us its something we have to get regardless of anything“… soooo, they force you 🙂 It’s compulsory, you don’t have a choice. What that woman did to you when you said she caught you lying, was very akin to administering a polygraph test – which is inadmissible in the USA (particularly if you’re a minor & your parents have not signed a written consent). Unless you are in a country w/a totalitarian regime, you can refuse any form of medical treatment unless you have been legally committed to a facility & deemed mentally incompetent to make healthcare decisions on your own behalf.

November 30, 2019

@thenerve Well i live in a fucked up country that believe because some parents dont pay attention to there child’s health school is like your second home that take cares of you… that is practically bullshit….plus some stuff they take them on the religious behalf that religiously they are unacceptable so they wanna be good people so they do awareness shit…Technically parents know about this before it happens so they already give permission… In my case i couldn’t go telling my parents what she did because its gonna be like admitting i am not fully depression free opposite of what i always convince them off….So God help what are they gonna put on my report

November 30, 2019

@someonebroken – Wait, I don’t understand well, what country are you in?


November 30, 2019

@thenerve umm I live in KSA…and a lot of stuff we cant do anything about because that’s how the country works.. like for this checkup.. everyone in KSA got the test regardless of nationality or where you live its like a standard thing…

November 30, 2019

@someonebroken – Oh sweetheart… I’m so sorry. I thought, for some reason, you were in the USA. Yep, I totally understand, now. On that same note, I hope you’re a male (you DO NOT need to say what you are, I’m just saying that because I know the differences they draw between the both).

December 1, 2019

@thenerve No its totally okay..and i am a female.. i dont really mind saying what i am…Its just here they care Oh-so much about your health to the point they get quite nosey and they get sensitive about it especially if you are a girl… To be honest its a weird country with weirder rules

December 1, 2019

@someonebroken – No, I’m totally aware of the “rules”  🙂 I had friends come from there who’ve told me sooooome stories…