Why so judgemental ?

Dear someone,

I am actually doing it again… writing.. i guess this might be my new hobby away from real life….so if you read my first entry you would know by know that i live in a very judgemental community…. everyone judges you by your looks or by news said about you.. Everyone wants to be your friend because you are rich or because your best friends are one of the most popular kids in school…. It gets to exhausting that everyone likes you for what you have and not what you are…. everyone thinks that just because i have money or popularity -that i never asked for- i am some perfect manquin …. No i am human i feel , i notice and i breathe… just because i am all of those things doesn’t mean i dont care about life or school.. it doesn’t make me a mean person or a bully….. some think just because i dont interact with others it means i am showing off or making people feel so little beside me… i just simply enjoy my peace….

They think i am some bully while once upon a time i was the one bullied for being different, for having different interests… because i liked reading because i like writing because i never payed much attention to gossip…. that was me i always avoided problems as well as talking bad behind others back without knowing there story… I never judged i never jumped to conclusions.

People right know think I am some stuck up person who cares about nothing and that money gets my way into everything… that’s one of the biggest lies they ever believed… i am a hardworker i never take anything for granted and i work my ass up even if it took away weeks of sleep… people think i get A* and A’s because my father pays teachers to show i am the best…. This is sooo wrong i wasn’t even brought up to think like that.. to me everyone is equal .. poor or rich.. smart or dumb… like i am a normal teenager too i get punished if i do something wrong my devices gets taken from me…like every other parent punishing their child for something wrong….They only see that one rare time that i was actually sick and i didnt do the homework and they go spread as of i am the most careless person ever… they see that one very rare moment i am lashing out and they say i am mean….

Some actually still judges me for my bad past and they still have the belief i am still the same person…While i changed 360 degree …. But me and my wonderful past story will be told some other time

Thanks for reading, This is me star and my Oh so pretty life

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November 19, 2019

😖Being judged sucks, unfortunately, it’s inevitable. I try to find ways not to let it get to me, but at times that can be hard…very hard.

When this happens I try to remind myself that actually…I don’t need them to know the truth. It shouldn’t matter what anyone thinks, I know my truth and my intentions. I don’t owe them an explanation…whatsoever. 🙂 Someone once told me a quote, I think it’s time to pass it along…

“When you’re being judged it’s not about you, it’s about them.”








November 19, 2019

I can relate. Up to a point. I was never that popular and I was a bad student. So I can’t relate to that. But I grew up in a religion where they demand perfection and anything less is a failure. I grew up feeling I needed to be perfect.

November 19, 2019

@heffay I relate to you about growing up in a religion that demand perfection …