we were shopping online old navy sales today 😀 great deals AND 30% off so we saved another $25 (and free shipping over $50.) Dennis got 4 shirts and a pair of pants, i got a dress and Lia got a dress (12m) and a cute one piece (6-12 m so it’ll prob fit now or soon) for $65. i was going to get a skirt too but they were all sold out by the time Dennis got around to looking at all the men’s stuff and purchasing (i was looking through it all yesterday.) boooo.

 Lia’s graphic bodysuit with ruffle bum

 Lia’s dress

 my dress

Dennis’s shirts:

 and  for work

i hope i like my dress. we have a work function later this month to go to (Lia will be coming along too though and i’m not sure how i will nurse her in it. might have to wear shorts under it and sit in the van!) and i’d like to not wear something maternity (though i do plan to keep my black dress-i think it’ll work even when i’m not pregnant bc it’s a close fitting and cute LBD) and just feel good…or sort of good since good prob isn’t happening. i want to start jogging again but my stupid shoes are hurting my feet (and i’m nervous about getting my fat ass back out there.) i think i need to go up a size again or get new ones that fit differently or something. i also hope i like the dress bc i like that it’s a little different, a little fun, but simple too. dress up, dress down…whatever i like

of course, my little darling will be gorgeous in her new stuff. she’s so cute. and sweet. she’s our best baby yet and i’m almost understanding what it is ppl love about babies so much! i think at 6 months, i’ll want to slow time so she grows slowly.

anyway, exciting to buy some new stuff. fingers crossed i like mine. they have WAY MORE online (esp. for babies) than they do at our stores and it comes to us in the mail in NO TIME. like a day or 2. can’t wait!



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November 5, 2011
November 5, 2011

I bought that dress in navy. So cute! If I wear it this weekend I’ll try to post a pic.

November 6, 2011

I bought a couple things online as well for Nash. Literally came two days later – AMAZING!! I went to the store on Friday night hoping to find maternity clothing but the section at my store SUCKS and ended up spending $7 AFTER tax on a long sleeve shirt, shorts for next summer, and a Tauras onesie for the new baby. Can’t beat that!!

November 6, 2011

Love your dress! :o) xxx

November 6, 2011
November 6, 2011

I love new stuff. Doesn’t she take the bottle a little? What if you just pump and don’t nurse while you guys are there?

November 6, 2011

Great finds from old navy. I like your dress – it’s something i’d buy for myself too 🙂 ryn: I’d already tried the hints you gave but i’m going to buckle down and try them again – maybe i made some mistake. The code still pops up every time i write a new entry but i have to delete it b/c it doesn’t work. Oh, the drama of embedding code LOL

November 6, 2011

I love shopping online!! cute stuff!!

November 6, 2011

Ryn: aw im sorry. Beau was like that too wasnt he? I think I remember that right.

November 6, 2011

Love that dress, looks very pretty but comfy at the same time.

November 7, 2011

Both Lia’s dress and your dress are lovely – so pretty! (you’ve got good taste) *sighs about BFing clothes* That’s what I’m looking forward to again one day, clothing that doesn’t necessarily require easy access for nursing. It seems like a pipedream now, lol. 😉

November 16, 2011
November 22, 2011

I really love that dress. You are so right it’s perfect to dress up or down. Those are my favorite dresses. 🙂