So I was scrolling through Facebook again today and I found some more disturbing things that I really don’t approve of and honestly I don’t know what this world is coming to anymore…. Now we have people destroying historical monuments and people banning things…. <- I wonder what’s next for America…. I have seen rioters burning down historical churches and that just sickens me because things like that is a part of our history and these rioters needs to be reeducated on the history of America…. Honestly I think that we are living in end times just like the book of Revelation said that we would…. To be honest the book of Revelation is on book in the Bible that scares the daylights out of me…. I also seen on Facebook earlier today that protesters in Charleston West Virginia are blocking people from getting back on the interstate to come back to Beckley or anywhere else they may be going…. This is really starting to get out of control…. I am honestly scared that this going to start happening where I live…. All the television shows that has cops in it is being taken off the air, they are even targeting Paw Patrol <- a show that my kids loves to watch, and they are even targeting Looney Toons…. <- Seriously it is time for us Americans to come together and stop these people from ruining everything…. I just wonder what show that they¬†

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