Today I got my robot vacuum cleaner it wasn’t the one that I that I really wanted but it serves it’s purpose…. I have really took a step into the modern day by purchasing my first robot vacuum cleaner…. I just know that it is going to make my life a bit easier because I have it set for it to start cleaning at 8 A.M. everyday so I know that I don’t have to worry about using my regular vacuum cleaner unless I am vacuuming the furniture off…. Hopefully Bobby will be getting his building one day this week so I can get my house back to the way that I intended for it to be…. I am tired of seeing his knife making crap in my house and I am ready to rearrange my living room to where we have more space and I am going to move those two shelves into the kitchen and the kitchen table into the kitchen so I will have my house the way that I want it…. 

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