Today I have been cleaning house and I have more cleaning to do tomorrow…. Last Wednesday night I decided that I was going to do some house cleaning which ended lasting up till about 5:30 Thursday morning and then my boss Nikki called me and asked me to work a 7-Eleven in Oceana as back up because there was only two people was only working the 7-Eleven…. <- I had been up for almost 12 hours when I had agreed to work…. Thursday whenever I finally got home I changed out of my work clothes and no sooner than my head hit my pillow I was out like a light…. Then Saturday evening I took my cousin Krystle, her husband, and their sister-in-law Ruthie to the Garth Brooks concert at the Meadow Bridge Drive-In to see Garth on the big screen…. <- It was actually nice especially with COVID-19 still going around…. Sunday I rested and today I have gotten back to reality with my wifely duties…. Then all of sudden it of the blue Ruthie messages me and tells me that I “was” making fun of her son whenever he gets into trouble…. <- I would NEVER do a such thing like that…. All of a sudden she just gets angry and takes it out on me when clearly she is really angry at her husband Kenny…. <- That gives her NO right to take her anger out on me if she is angry at her husband…. I have tried to be nice to Ruthie by inviting her to do things with me and Krystle…. Sometimes I guess that you have to let bygones be bygones…. I just have to bite my tongue and let certain things go and move on with my life…. What more can I do to make her happy???? I am really just going to keep my distance for a bit and maybe just maybe she will apologize to me…. Who knows anymore???? Frankly I just don’t care anymore and I am ready to give up on everything…. 

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