So Wednesday Chris (Talena’s husband) finally came and got her boys…. <- They literally trashed my house and dirtied up every dish in my house and for the past 2 days I have been cleaning and straightening my house back up…. Michael intentionally let my cat Tinkerbell out the back door and me and Bobby hasn’t been able to catch her…. <- I don’t know what I am going to do because Tinkerbell has been an inside cat for almost 2 years now…. <- I am so sad that my cat Tinkerbell won’t come back in the house and I am also angry at Michael for letting her out the back door…. I was outside for 20 minutes trying to coach Tinkerbell back in and when I almost had her some blooming idiot that is visiting my neighbor across the road decided to scream and slam his car door and scared my cat back under my neighbor’s house that lives beside me…. I really should go out there and give that guy who screamed and slammed his car door a piece of my mind…. I am so sick of people around here where I live always scaring my cats to the point that I can’t get them to come to me…. I really just want to move away from this part of Beckley and move to a quiet neighborhood…. <- Beckley is just NOT a safe neighborhood anymore with all of the drugs, crimes, robberies, shootings, and many more things going on…. <- It is truly sad that a person can’t even sit on their porch in Beckley anymore because they are afraid that they may get shot due to a drug deal gone bad…. Every day on the news their always something bad happening in Beckley or surrounding counties…. What has this world really coming too anymore???? I really think that we are living in Revelation times now…. <- Honestly that is one book in the Bible that scares me but I can really see things from Revelation starting to unfold before my very eyes…. Bobby went outside and got our cat Tinkerbell back in the house…. <- I am just so relieved that she is back inside where she belongs…. As far as I am concerned Talena better NEVER ask me to watch her 2 oldest boys again because I am going to come out and say NO because of Michael did to my cats Tinkerbell and Oreo…. <- Wednesday morning Michael kicked poor little Oreo in the face and I got even more angry with him…. That nephew of mine Michael really needs to learn how to respect my cats because my cats live here and he doesn’t…. <- Michael and Dwayne’s dad Derrick taught the boys whenever they were younger that cats are “targets”…. <- Derrick is in the wrong for teaching Michael and Dwayne that cats are “targets” because now every cat that they see of own they mistreat that cat…. <- I know one thing for certain is that Michael will NOT be back at my house without his mother Talena being with him…. <- Michael is 8 years old and Dwayne is 6 will be 7 sometime this month and they both should know better than to be mean to animals…. I am hoping that tomorrow will be a better day for me…. I am finally getting to go back to work after being laid off since March and my schedule should be posted sometime in the morning…. <- Honestly I can’t wait to go back to work…. 

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