19 years ago today me and my best friend Sarah was in English class when we was attacked two innocent teenagers watched the world come undone that day…. Tomorrow me and Bobby are going to Jackson County and we are getting a new bedroom suite and I honestly can’t wait…. The bedroom suite that we are getting belonged to Bobby’s grandmother and that means I am going to take extra care of it because it’s old and it stays in the family…. We have been needing a new bedroom suite for awhile now and now we are finally getting one…. I have got some more housework done today and I have more to do this week coming…. I have already cleaned my bedroom and rearranged it so I can get my new bedroom suite in here…. Me and Bobby has already started taking down the old bed so all we have to do tomorrow whenever we get back tomorrow is put up the new bed…. My bedroom actually looks better now and it’s going to look even better tomorrow after I get my new bedroom suite in my bedroom…. I am physically exhausted and ready for bed but I have a load of laundry to fold…. Pictures to come tomorrow after I get my new bedroom suite because right now my bedroom looks bare…. 

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