Today me and Bobby went to Jackson County and we got our new bedroom suite and I am too excited…. We got the bed put together in no time…. It looks so much better than the other bed that we had in the bedroom…. Come to find out that the bedroom suite that we now possess is 90 years old and it belonged to Bobby’s mawmaw Gray is which is awesome…. I am some housework to do tomorrow even though I said that I wasn’t going to do any housework this weekend but I just can’y help myself I need to clean my house…. I am not making anymore trips to Jackson County for a long time because the trip is so exhausting for me and Bobby both…. I took so many pictures today coming back from Jackson County and I uploaded them to Facebook…. I now have almost everything in my bedroom organized and put where I want it to be just a little more work to do in the bedroom and my bedroom will be the way that I want it to be…. Pictures will come later…. I also have to reorganize my kitchen tomorrow sometime so I can make sure that it looks right and then I will be taking pictures of my kitchen…. So much to do to make this house into a home and make it look the way that I want…. 

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