Yesterday was a busy day for me because I got a lot of housework done…. Bobby brought those nasty chicken of the “woods” home from work today and they are stinking up the house…. Tomorrow we are going back to Jackson County to his aunt’s house…. <- I can’t wait…. I am enjoying spending the weekends with Bobby again because it is what I needed since I have been back home…. I got so retail therapy in today and I want to get some more retail therapy in again soon…. It seems like retail therapy helps me a lot…. I wish that I could find a job because I could really use the money right about now…. I just wish that I could find a job and I am really looking for another job…. I have been playing games on my phone to try to win some money but I have not really had any luck yet but at least I am trying…. Things are getting better for me and Bobby and it’s about time for us because we had basically been in a bad rut…. I am making my wax for my wax burners…. I have a lot of plans for this house now that we are going to try to buy it…. My kitchen is going to be done in roosters and apples and all I have to do is buy curtains for my kitchen and I am going to repaint my kitchen cabinets and put new stickers on them…. I am going to do my living room in primitives which means that I have to change my curtains in my living room…. My bathroom will be done in dolphins and that means that I have to paint my bathroom in ocean blue…. A lot to do in order to make this house look like a home and yes I will be posting pictures as I go…. 


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