Yesterday me and Bobby had another little fishing adventure and Bobby is the only one who caught two little baby chubs…. The fishing season is over for the rest of this year…. There is always next year for fishing…. Now it’s time for ginsenging and hunting season is around the corner…. It is time for me to start decorating for fall and then decorate for Halloween…. I have been planning mine and Bobby’s wedding for the past almost 24 hours now and I am no where close to being done…. I now have to start saving money for the wedding because we are only 242 days away form getting married and if we want to get this done in time then we need to start saving money so we can have everything for our wedding…. I am going have a honeymoon fund jar at our wedding for me and Bobby…. Tomorrow I have to take Bobby’s ring to the jeweler so it can  be sized and I have to get my engagement ring fixed because it is missing two small diamonds…. I have nothing but problems out of Suddenlink and I even called them yesterday and they were supposed to fix my services but they told me that it could take up to 72 hours for them to take the $695.00 charge off of my account by making sure that I am still using the same equipment…. I have some housework to do tomorrow and then I have some laundry to do tomorrow…. I have basically laid around all day working on my wedding planning…. I can’t wait for all of this wedding planning to be done because I am starting to get stressed out because I have realized that time is really flying by and May will be here before I know it…. I can’t believe that I am going to be married in 8 months…. Where has the time gone too because my wedding day will be here before I know it…. Yikes!!!! 

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