Today I have some housework and laundry to do…. Plus I get to get my nails filled in…. I have a lot to do today…. Bobby just called me and told me not to text one of his co-workers because apparently the co-worker went crazy of the parking lot at Beckley Public Works…. I have to go to the jeweler today and get everything done for our wedding…. I have to do a lot in order for this wedding to go right and I have to get estimates from Hobby Lobby…. I got my running done and now I am working on getting the house cleaned before Bobby gets home from work…. I still have to strip my bed wash the linens…. I got the dishes separated and ready to be washed…. I am trying to get this house cleaned and back in order because I can’t stand this house being dirty and out of order…. Things will be a lot better once Bobby gets his building put up and all of his knife making crap out of my house and off of both porches…. I have got the washer and dryer both running so I can to catch up on the little bit of laundry that needs to be done, vacuuming the floors, I still have to fold the load of laundry from the other day, mop the floor, and cook supper…. Tonight’s supper is going to be spaghetti and garlic bread…. I am glad that I have a back up set of driver’s  license because I lost my other set of driver’s license…. Now I have to make an appointment with the DMV here in Beckley so I can get my license with my current address on them…. I can’t believe that I lost my driver’s license…. I went back to Hobby Lobby for a third time today and got some more stuff for my wedding planning book and got the toasting glasses and the cake cutting set (they match)…. 

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