The Cat Would Have Been O.K

Can’t help but think that this weekend I should be homeless, sleeping rough on the street. That at 39 years of age I’m not significant enough for someone to put themselves out to put me up.

The cat would have been O.K.

As it is, I’m here still. I couldn’t pull enough money together so it sounds like a court eviction process and 3 years of a CCJ on my record if I lose? The ‘all-most- ran kept my £100 deposit.

Looking around my room at least I’ve still the PC and laptop for the time being.

Fired off a barrage of applications in amongst a lot of twiddling thumbs.

Down to my last suit which I noticed has a rip.

Refreshed my email at the weekend and received an email advising me of an adjustment to my council tax bill and could I please pay £48 as a matter of priority.

Finally getting to grips with Battlefield and racking up some positive K:D ratios.

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