This Is Not Unique

No one in the history of writing has ever returned to their prose at the height of experiencing such wonderments of awesomeness.

This is not going to be one of those times.

What it will probably turn out to be are the random, non-sensical thoughts of a cluttered-procrastinator.

Which is pretty much EXACTLY what it’s always been.

Seek medical help should clarity start to crystalize!

– It will 100% not contain emojis, emoticons, meme’s or gifs. Partly because I’m lazy, mostly because I loathe them –

I’m not that fond of relative distance, spiders, and/or trapping my fingers in doors however I’m servery hoping my writing contain only fleeting mentions of such irritations.
– It will definitely contain many more mentions than I would hope for!!

Feeling pretty impressed, 5 years on and I’ve still not killed the cat, yet!
I’m not superstitious.
Haven’t taught him much else. I think getting him to fetch is about as good as it gets. Despite my best intentions and many wasted treats (at least for one of us), no amount of enthusiastic training could get him to find, my keys, remote, or lighter…5 years in you pretty much do what you do and I love you all the same for it.

Comforted by what we know maybe that’s why I’m feeling a never-ending case of déjà vu?
– I wonder if I’ve said that before?

What’s completely unique these day is a newly discovered fear of pollen! It’s like someone stuck a lemon in my mouth when I wasn’t lookin’ now my whole face is inverted. Ever so sexy, a picture of beauty all flaming nostrils and marble-eyes! I’m worried that I may have whipped out a small rain forest the amount of roll I’m clearing!

There’s lots of things I could share but I’m really not sure what’s worth it? What do I value more, the stress or the smiles?

I certainly value a laugh which is possibly why I can’t resist debating ideology with right-wingers?
‘It may be chicken and egg but damn you get worked up when I accuse you of being triggered by strong, intelligent women.‘

Dear Lord, please bless me with happiness and health, big-fresh buds the size of my beer gut, Newcastle United to win….something….anything! And the world of improbabilities lets me bump into my perfect women in the mould of Ana Kasparian. Though unable to offer up the building of any wonderful monuments in your honour
– At this point of life I think it’s the responsible decision of an adult to recognise an innate lack of talent with such devices.
You’ve enough. I promise to be nice to all living things (save the majority of people who annoy the hell into me) and not to be constated with proclaiming a conversion to veganism.)) cut down on the profanity, and never act out a desire to strangle people with the cord on a headset.
There really are a lot of people I’d like to take out headset-style!

Whilst I sit here waiting for my prayers to be answered, a contradictory, little, agnostic, let’s hope a job finds me out soon as I’m running out of stuff to sell.

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