College Life Starts Next Week

I’m a little nervous but also excited to be starting school next week. It’s the most classes I will have taken so far going to college. I was going to take away a class but my husband told me to just go for it (I was going to take it away because of the cost) so I’m going to go for it. I’m a little frustrated because I have 25 MNTC credits left which didn’t seem like much and I was pretty excited thinking that I could get it done quickly if I keep going the way that I am but my actual courses I have left is 36 (11 more after I complete the MNTC requirement) I have been thinking about continuing after I am done and where I would go, I would want to go to a Christian School and was looking at Bethel, University of Northwestern or Grand Canyon University. I don’t know if I will continue though. I have already thought about giving up because of the cost and we have to pay off our line of credit due to the trip I booked (Still worth it and HOPING to use taxes to help with that) but then I bought an elliptical yesterday and have a couple other things that I want to get for the room we are turning from a family room into a workout room. Instead of having a couch and loveseat we will have just the loveseat and keep the other stuff down there but make room to use it as a workout place. I have obviously slipped on my priority’s, however I got these things because I wanted to start working out so I look good when we go on our trip.

The last week has been horrible , had to spend $318 to get my washer fixed, my great aunt passed away and I’m pretty sure it was concrete that hit and shattered my car windshield. Plus we went to visit my family over the weekend so there was the cost of gas, food and going out with family for drinks. I hope we can get back on track because I’m stressing out about all this a little bit 🙁

***Edit***  I figured out that I will need to take 4 classes of 3 credits each to be able to finish by Spring 2020 and graduate 🎓 that same year. Seems like something I could do depending on how hard the classses are that I pick…

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August 23, 2018

You got this!