Nothing has changed…

Well it’s been how many years since I have written in OD (mostly because the site went away for a long time) and nothing has really changed for us. It’s kind of like Deja Vu but a little bit better this time. Paul’s Grandma is living with us right now (going on 2 weeks on Sunday but this time it’s because she can not be left alone, she is a fall risk so she is here. We have been waiting for the county and now heard back from them so now we wait for the assisted living place which will be at LEAST next Wednesday 🙁    it will be nice to have things go back to normal. She has been pretty sweet to have around but hard to work full time and take care of her also. I work from home now and I LOVE it, I don’t have anyone to deal with around me and it’s nice when I can have the house to myself. I thought I would get more housework done on my work breaks but it doesn’t seem to happen that way.

Easter was ok, but my sister in law took one of Grandma’s pain pills so that was irritating. Grandma has a compression fracture and my sister in law has back issues but if I were her I would NOT take my grandparents pills no matter HOW much pain I am in. Especially knowing that they have a fracture.

I started going back to school, I started in Spring 2017 and wasn’t sure I wanted to continue so I didn’t do anything for the fall (I actually signed up for classes then had to withdraw because I missed the drop date) so then I took one super easy class that went for 8 weeks for the Spring 2018 and as of right now I am signed up for 3 classes for fall 2018. I am paying out of pocket because I do NOT want loans so if I can’t afford to take 3 classes I will go down to 2 but I want to get this Associate of Arts Degree finished so I have one accomplishment besides graduating High School. I know the Associate Of Arts Degree is not much but it’s better than having no degree and at least if I want to keep going those generals will be out of the way. (It’s 60 college credits total) so we will see also how I feel as I keep going with school….

I still like to travel and I WILL NOT give that up. I still plan on going somewhere at least once a year!!! This year we are heading to DISNEY WORLD for our daughter’s GOLDEN BIRTHDAY 🙂  ♥♥♥

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April 5, 2018

How great to have WDW to look forward to! Welcome back!

April 6, 2018

Good for you for working on your degree! I never went beyond high school. An AA is a good goal to have.

I hope you hear about the assisted living facility soon.