Stressed Out…Life happens…

So I decided to try and pay for this whole OD thing even though I don’t approve of it. I was going to do the monthly membership since I don’t write every month I would just pay month to month as I go but decided to opt for the yearly and see how often I write in this thing. I did open another diary somewhere else but I don’t want to have too many of these things floating around so just gonna stick with this. I wish OD would have an app for my phone because it would be easier so hopefully that can happen one day.

Anyways life has been pretty stressful lately and it started on vacation when we were almost done with vacation we found out our tree fell on our deck and now we have to replace part of our deck which really sucks. We were thankful it didn’t do more damage than it already did. We also have to replace our front door which had broken, the blinds in my living room need to be replaced, we need a new furnace (hoping it will stick out for one more year), and we need a new fence because that is broken as well. We have been trying to save but right now it’s not easy with everything happening. I keep threatening to get a second job but I really don’t want to do that but I might have to so I can help with all this crap happening. My work is not allowing overtime right now which really sucks, they were going to but our inventory went down. I would LOVE to pay off my vehicle faster so that we have that extra money to help with all this stuff going on but I would rather fix what needs to be fixed and worry about my vehicle being paid off faster later. I also signed up for classes for college and I don’t want to drop any that I have signed up for but I might have to because I have been paying as I go so I don’t have any student debt and I REFUSE to have student loans. I am actually excited to start another semester because it would be nice to graduate with some sort of degree even if it’s the degree for my generals (my Associate of Arts which is what I am working for)

I have a bunch of family issues happening right now,  the donor (aka my dad) is using meth and honestly I don’t think he has completely stopped since I graduated High School which was back in 2003. I think he has been off and on since then. He tried to come up here and stay with me at the end of April and I told him no and he got upset. He basically said he was “done” after this (I think he meant he wasn’t going to try and come see me anymore) and I told him I was done period and that the only time he contacts me is when he wants something.  So I blocked him on all accounts, Instagram, Facebook, my phone and have not heard anything from him since which has been AWESOME! However, now I find out that he is visiting our family and staying with my half sister in a tent on her lawn (because he is homeless and has no where to go) and my sister has told him at least TWICE to stop making meth in the tent and to get rid of it. So last night I called the cops on him but it sounds like they may not be able to do anything especially if my sister tells the cops to leave… what’s REALLY messed up is that I also had one sister arrested yesterday because her daughter left my sisters pipe and pot sitting out. My Other sister (I have 3 sisters 2 of them half) has 3 kids and may get them taken away because of this (her boyfriend is on probation and got a new probation officer and they did a home visit yesterday and my sister had no idea either of them that anything was left out) HOW is it that kids can get taken away due to pot but when you call about someone cooking meth in a tent they can’t really do anything???? STUPID SYSTEM!!! Oh also my Grandparents are being sued because the whole neighborhood had gotten water damage and one neighbor wanted to build something on their property and my grandparents told them no. I guess the other neighbors are upset at what is happening with my grandparents and might fight against that person suing them and they all might sue him instead. Oh and of course the sister that was arrested got out because my grandparents paid the $300 to get her out. I get SO tired of everyone going to them when they need something (especially money) My grandparents are just sweet and would do anything for the family even though they hate it.

Oh and all this happened (except my grandparents being sued) yesterday on my 14th wedding anniversary. (Which because my husbands work schedule sucks he forgot about until our daughter said something to him) Life is just STRESSFUL!!!!!

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