Doing okay, it’s late here

—  Dear OD,


It’s late here, 1:30 am, then again, I’m a night owl.

I just took my medication, it should be kicking in.

I took my nasal spray (Flonase), and an inhaler, I feel better.

I’m listening to a Christian radio station.

I wrote in my July prayer journal.  Been doing that.

I want to turn my desk corner thing into a “War Room” or prayer corner.

The main thing I want to get is a cross.

I bought the “War Room” on Amazon.  I keep watching it, I really like it.

I cleaned my apartment a little today/tonight.

I actually use rice.  I put an full bag into mason jars.

Should last awhile.  I changed my sheets, and put on clean ones.

I put away all my laundry.  Tomorrow I have to take a shower.

I had a busy day today.  I had to go to FedEx to pick up a package.

It was medication.  The pharmacy neglected to tell me they were sending

it by FedEx, and I was not home on Monday.  I got a text message on Tuesday with

a tracking number, and I freaked out, because I didn’t know what the package was.

Then on Wednesday I was randomly talking to the pharmacy, and they were saying how

all medications were being shipped through FedEx now because it’s next day delivery.

I was like oh “that’s what that package was”.  So my uncle drove me by FedEx today.

Then we went to Tim Hortons, and ate along the river.  Just an egg & cheese muffin and

a honey crueller doughnut, and a diet coke.  Then we went to the grocery store.  I spent

$40 dollars, but realized I had $20 in cash, so that was good.  We stopped back at my place,

and I dropped off my cold and frozen stuff.  Then I had to get lab work done for the rest of my


I should be going to bed, but I’m wide awake.  I’m a night owl.


————                                                                          M.

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July 17, 2020

I also went to light therapy before Tim Hortons.

July 17, 2020

I was once a night owl I even tried to stay up for 24 hours but I fell asleep on the couch with the TV on and my mom turned it off in the middle of the night…so much for being a night owl….

July 27, 2020

@jaythesmartone   I really want to be a neutral person, not a morning person, but not a night owl either.