—  Dear OD,

I’m making Ramen noodles because I was watching a NAMI video day in the life

from Japan/or China.  Now I feel like noodles.  I put Yum Yum sauce on mine.

I just get the kind you can get at any grocery store: Top Ramen.  I like

BiBiBop Yum Yum sauce, it’s the best.

Good news!!  Lizzie and I our friends again from Lizziesanswers.

I’m still not becoming Catholic though.  That would take a lot.

And I was in Mormonism for 10 years.  I do not need another

high stress religion.  I like learning about Catholicism because

my grandparents were Catholic on my mom’s side

Good news the Governor of Ohio tested false positive

for the virus.  He did a conference today.

I should be going to bed, it’s close to midnight,

and mom is dropping off produce at 9 am tomorrow

just like last weekend.

–>                                                                M.

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August 8, 2020

I’m Jewish, so… I’m Sammy, nice to meet you!

August 8, 2020

@sunshineandmoonbeams  That’s cool.

August 8, 2020

I think the governor should be more careful and not travel outside his city, but then I am not American…..

I think what needs to happen is that all the mayors, governors need to get this virus just so they realize how deadly it is and the effects it has on people.

August 8, 2020

@jaythesmartone   Masks are mandated in this state by the governor.  Guess what I got my voucher letter today.  My rent is only going up $4.00 and that’s because of inflation.  I’m locked in for another year.  I have a mental illness and was living in a group home which is how I got in here back in 2010, I was the 3rd waive to move in, first in this apartment.  It’s such a relief to get the letter.  I’m a good tenant.  I pay my rent, abide by the rules, and don’t damage anything.  It’s my aunt and uncle’s 56 wedding anniversary, I’m in the wrong generation to be invited.