I had a good day today

—  Dear OD,

So, I went to light therapy.  Then to get Tim Hortons with my Uncle (it’s Thursday).

Then we picked up my laundry at my dads.  We went to the park that is now my favorite place to be.

I found out they had WiFi, so I downloaded some Audible books for my Kindle.

That’s the best thing about Kindle Tablet – is Audible!!!!!!!

Then they took me early at the Podiatrist.  Finally got my toe nails trimmed.

Then we went to the store.  Got lots of food.  Then when I got home realized I forgot a few things,

so I did Instacart.  I really like that service a lot.  I made Tortellini with cheese and Alfredo sauce,

pre-made, I just boiled the tortellini.  I’ve been watching Greenhouse Academy on Netflix, I like the show a lot.

I did make my bed before dinner.  I want to do the dishes.

Bad news though, where I live, the county I’m in in Ohio, is back on alert level 3.  My mom called me.

Which means you should only go out for groceries.  Thank goodness I have lots of food.

I wish I had some potatoes though.  I should be fine though.

I’ve got a lot of books to read.  But I miss seeing my family.


LP&B,                                                                                     M.

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July 2, 2020

Stay safe my friend.

July 2, 2020

@jaythesmartone   You too, Jodie.