Slept a lot today, but it’s turning into a good day

—  Dear OD,


I woke up at 5 pm.  And then I started watching “The Baby Sitter’s Club”.

Totally good, I read the books in 4th and 5th grade during the summer.

I’ve got a pizza in the oven.  Can’t wait, I love pizza, and it’s Friday  TGIF!!!

I’ve got soda too.  I’m a little sad because Red White and Boom won’t be on tonight.

The biggest fire works show in the mid-west.  They still should have made a Summer

playlist for tonight.

I want to re-read the first book too.  I downloaded it to my Kindle Tablet.

Not much to report today.


—                                                                                                              M.

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July 3, 2020

our fireworks show went virtual everything is canceled for the summer too.

July 3, 2020

@jaythesmartone   Same here everything is cancelled, the parade, everything.

I use to watch that to when I was a kid. Pizza sounds good I was just wondering what I wanted for dinner. Think I’ll join you can order me one from Pizza Hut…I use to go to Red,White and Boom when I was a teen..