Sorry it’s been awhile

—   Dear OD,

I had to get rid of everything in my freezer.

Because my oven mitts were on top, and got jammed in my freezer

door, so it was open all night.  All my food thawed out,

so I had to throw all of it away.  Totally sucks.  But I noticed there was

a lot of frost on my food.  And the back wall was completely covered with frost.

But I let it sit for awhile.  I checked it, and the frost was gone.  I was talking to my

mom, and she said the freezer was self-defrosting.  I’m going to be ordering from

Instacart to get a few things.  Never am I going to fill it that full again.

I have a lot of food.  So it’s no problem.

I found out I like ham salad sandwiches.

So I’m doing fine considering.


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July 31, 2020

Yeah that sucks when that happens…..I have had my freezer door a jar a bit but noticed it after a hour so it wasn’t too bad.  They say to keep the fridge and freezer 80% full and it will work the best.