So, I’ve been quiet for a while and I suppose it’s because I needed to take some time to sort out my head. It’s been a difficult couple of weeks and now we’re seeing the start of lockdown two here in the UK. I’m honestly not sure where we go from here. The world is a very different place to how it was this time last year and I’m quite fearful of how this will end.

I also had a really vivid dream last night, one that I’m struggling to shake off.  I dreamt that there was a nuclear explosion, which wiped out all communication technology globally and the world was literally spinning. There were lights lined up in the sky and  you could see them during the day – they looked like daytime moons, hundreds of them, forming a straight line and they seemed to make the earth rotate. It felt like someone was cocking a gun, aligning up the world, to take a shot. It was horrible, no one knew what to do and we all just kept staring at our blank screens… hoping for an answer.

I’m hoping taking my bike out for a spin in the sun will shake off these doomsday feelings.




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October 2, 2020

Virtual hugs. Things have definitely changed, and while I don’t think it will ever just snap back to how it was before, things will eventually find a new balance. We’ll figure out a new way forward.

October 13, 2020

@smokedragon thank you :).