Nostalgia has been strong the last few days. I miss the simple things that made me happy.

Meeting friends for coffee.

Drinking at a bar.

Eating out.

Small talk in a shop.. at the office, in the street.

The hiss of steam and smell of coffee  in a cafe… misty windows from wet coats.

Smiling at strangers.

Going to parties, singing karaoke, dancing.

Feeling the base play in your bones at a concert.

Seeing family, seeing friends. Shared experiences.

Overhearing stories on public transport.

Street buskers and performers.

The smell of an ice rink.

Visiting new places… meeting new people.

Most of all, I miss having the freedom to choose how to live my life and to see the people that are a part of it. The good and the bad.

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November 22, 2020

Absolutely.  The old normal we took for granted.

November 22, 2020

Nodding in recognition from start to finish.

Hear hear!!