sometimes when you lose, you win

life is good.

i’m not sure i ever expected to feel this way again, but i do.  my divorce was final in december 2018.  there have certainly been tough times between then and now, but i’ve done my best to just go with the flow and experience the joy in each day as much as possible.  there are still times when i think of my past life and feel sad, but for the most part i’m just grateful to have been given this second chance at living.

dean and i are still a “thing” and once my divorce became final, we became more serious.  i love that we took things slowly, that we let our friendship blossom into something more on its own.  he is my safe place, my home.  he brings calm to my anxious mind.  and i am so deeply thankful that god sent him to me when i needed him the most.  i’ve never experienced a relationship like this one before.  dean and i argue and discuss and compromise and work as a team.  he never gives up on me.  i never question whether i matter to him.  i never question the depth of his love for me.  i am unconcerned with where we head next, as long as we head there together. 💗

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June 27, 2019

Soo Sweet!!