Day one

So I am a Livejournal, Myspace, and of course Facebook Reject. Even if I still have FB. I actually still have Tumblr, and Instagram as well. Even if I never go on them as well as other Sites that I have most likely forgotten about. I am going to see if I can keep the writing up here just for my own actual sanity.

I have done the Writing pages, and who knows what else. Right not I just feel the need to Bleed and let the words flow maybe not as freely as they used to but if I can keep this up then maybe just maybe they will flow easier as the time goes on.

I will sit here and listen to the music and allow myself to just float into almost nothingness as I contemplate what it is I really wish to say. The thing is at this moment I have nothing of real importance to share. Whenever I stare at a Blank white screen or even piece of paper I always feel as if I need to put something meaningful down. This post is not going to be one of those meaningful things though. I am just going to put the words down as they come to me.


Feelings lost
almost dead inside
voice is gone
No way to get you to hear me anymore

Lost inside my own head
Watching my life pass by without Interacting
Nothing seems to matter

I stare at my scars
Remembering every cut
Physical and mental
Choking on the Bile that Rises

Sitting here chasing my Demons
As if I miss them
As if I need them
As if I don’t matter without them

Just Numb to everything around me yet wishing for a Different outcome.

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December 16, 2020

Welcome to OD. I hope you find your “voice” here.

December 16, 2020

@dragontears Thank you. I know I have never really lost it. Just that it has not been used in quite some time. Between well Life and Being a Grownup… If I can actually keep up with this one though who knows. 🙂