5 years later!


Guess who’s back?! Me!

I doubt anyone who used to read my diary is still around? It would be great if you are. Say hi!

I thought this diary had been lost but I managed to reclaim it. Yay.

I spent half of yesterday reading through it all. It’s so surreal. I’m glad I recorded some of the thing the kids used to say. I have told them and they think it’s hilarious.

They are so different now. Lauren is 12 (13 in 3 weeks), Joe is 11 and Liam is 10. Lauren is in year 8 at secondary school. She’s doing so well – she is predicted straight A’s (well the equivalent now they have changed it). She has a good group of friends and is happy. Very mature. Joe is in year 6, about to leave primary school. He is doing well also. Excited to be starting secondary school in September and feeing grown up. Liam is in year 5. Same old charismatic, cheeky Liam. All doing brill and I am so proud of them all.

I am still with Direct Line Pet Claims. I work 3 days a week now – from home!!! It’s brilliant. God, I could have done with that a few years ago. Although I guess it would have been impossible when the kids were smaller.

Chris and I got divorced. We have had lots of ups and downs over the last 5 years – understatement! We get along fine now- we hardly speak to be honest but when we do it is fine. The kids were seeing him every second weekend and more in the holidays. Over the last year they have all independently decided they don’t want to see him anymore. I discussed it with him and he said that he did not want to force them and to let them decide. So that’s the latest. They didn’t even go to him at Christmas. I let him come over and give them presents and he stayed for an hour but that was it. It is sad but it is what it is.

By contrast I feel my relationship with the kids has grown stronger. After Chris left, for the longest time I felt like a family of 5 with a huge hole in it. Over the last year that’s changed I definitely feel now we are a team of 4.

I am totally single. I did date a bit in the first couple of years but I have not seen anyone for over 2 years now and I must say I’m not interested. One day sure but not at the moment.

My life is a lot more boring now I guess. A lot less hectic! I sleep at night – novelty!

I still live in the same house but the really nasty neighbour moved. The new ones are still a bit moany but nothing compared to the old ones. My parents are still around, they are 79 and 78 now. They’ve had their share of health issues but are doing ok at the moment.

That’s it for now really, just a quick catch up. I want to start writing again regularly. It was fascinating to read back over what life used to be like. Crazy – I don’t actually know how I used to function on so little sleep. It would be nice to start writing again so that in the future I can look back again.

I feel a bit sad that my babies are so grown up now – they were so cute back then. Hey ho.

It would be lovely to see if any of my old readers are still around and of course to get new ones!

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May 3, 2018

Hi and welcome back!