A Proper Update!

So I have been very neglectful to this diary in recent weeks, both with reading and writing. I have a random midweek day off today so I will make amends with a proper entry! I have 1.5 hrs before I have to go and watch my boys nativity play so let’s see what crap comes out in that time!


Hmm where to start? Well I am sick :o( – nothing serious jut one of the many evil bugs that do the rounds this time of year. My throat is agony, it really hurts to swallow (as the actress said to the bishop ). I am still managing to munch my way through a box of Ferrero Rochers from my sick bed though – yum. I am very grateful that I booked today as holiday from work – I have struggled this week with my throat – being on the phones all day. I booked it originally for the kids’ nativity – bless Chris he still took them to breakfast club this morning even though I am off and let me have a much needed lie in. I have been about as much use as a chocolate teapot!

Work is going well. I am still enjoying it. It is so so much better than Sainsburys. I am not so tired all the time. We are moving offices on Monday so that will be weird. I have been sitting with my training team up until now which has been nice but from next week I will be sitting with my real team. They all seem lovely and friendly but it is a bit daunting as they are all much more experienced than I am so I will really feel like the newbie. I feel more confident in the job though. I have handled a few complaints etc – I have found my feet. It is still very sad though when someone is sobbing their heart out because their pet has died 🙁 . I am definitely appreciating my kids and Chris more. I have more energy and when we are together I think I am more fun 🙂 (apart from this week because I am meh!)

So Christmas is just around the corner! Unless of course the world ends on 21st Dec which I very much doubt. I am more or less on top of all my Christmas shopping. Was meant to do the last bit today but stayed in bed ill instead :(. I have got Chris some new trainers,  a coat, some Lynx, a Mr Strong soap (picked by Liam) and Michael McIntyre’s new dvd. I am looking forward to Christmas. We are having Christmas day here at my house. Mum, Dad and David (brother) are coming over. Mum is doing all the meat and I am doing the veg and other stuff. On boxing day we are travelling down to Weymouth to spend the day with Chris’ sister. Chris’ mum is coming too. I don’t want to go. I know that sounds bad but hear me out. His sister, her bloke and her 2 kids have a 2 bed flat. They have no cooker, only a 2 ring hob. Her and her bloke are fighting all the time at the moment. One minute they are planning a wedding, the next it is all called off. So in this 2 bed flat there will be 5 adults and 5 children (all 7 and under). Now I could grin and bear that but his sister also really pisses me off! She is so selfish and never puts her hand in her pocket for anything. Their mum is footing the bill for all the food and drink on the day. She did an Asda delivery order when she was at our house and his sister (Kelly) was here. She wanted Kelly’s input and Kelly was acting like a sulky teenager (I don’t care – do whatever). His mum spent over £100 on that delivery and then gave Kelly £35 to get meat from the local market. A few days later Kelly text her saying the £35 wasn’t enough!!! Grrrr it makes me so mad. The whole time I wanted to offer to pay some of the money but I kept thinking "why should we pay it when they never bother?" I mentioned it to Chris and he said "well look we are gonna drive mum down there and back which is like £80 round trip so that is our contribution – Kelly should be giving something towards the food and if she doesn’t then that is up to her"  It just pees me off that we all have to traipse all the way down to Weymouth and also foot the bill while she sits there and lets it all come to her. Even when she comes up to visit, her mum has to drive down and pick her up and then drive her back home. We are not talking 30 miles here – more like 200! She NEVER pays a single penny towards it. Her war cry is "I don’t have any money" Well maybe if you or your no good bloke got off your arse and got a job you might have some money! arghhhh – sorry but she makes me angry. When she was here a couple of weekends ago their mum told me that she had paid for everything the whole weekend. A meal out, hairdressers, food, Christmas stuff, everything. Not once had Kelly put her hand in her pocket. I told her mum what I thought. I said "she takes the piss out of you and you let her. More fool you" She (the mum) was saying how she had no money left when they left and she couldn’t afford to buy new breakdown cover so Chris has bought it for her as part of her Christmas present! So boxing day is likely to ressemble a scene from Jeremy Kyle with me as the main culprit because I am so close to telling Kelly exactly what I think of her!


Anyway lovely note to end on but I have to go and get dressed and ready for this nativity!!!!! Merry Christmas!





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December 13, 2012

I certainly don’t envy your Boxing Day – who said Christmas was a family festival? Glad you liked the joke!!!!