Broken and proud!

My house was broken into today. I was only out for 2 hours this morning with my friend, Emma. I rejoined slimming club. I really hope I can stick to the plan this time and lose this weight! When Emma dropped me home she said “Sarah did you leave you door open?” My front door was swinging open! When I went into the house loads of cupboards and drawers were open and tipped out. Nothing was taken though. I’ve got laptops and a PS4, kids’ iPhones etc and it was all still there. The kids’ money box was damaged but the money was still in it Cos it’s hard plastic so not easily breakable. That was it. Police came round, then forensics came round but they couldn’t get any fingerprints. I was shocked and shaken. I’m fine now though – cest la vie. As burglaries go I got off lightly. One of my friends that I wrote about put an angry face on my post about the break in on FB. But neither of them have actually contacted me so that’s final confirmation that they really are useless friends. Who cares though? Emma was brilliant and I don’t even know her that well and my other friends and family have been great so – sod em! Like I said in my last post, only ladders now!

Yesterday was Lauren’s year 8 parents evening at school. I was so proud I nearly cried. Every single one of her teachers said she is a pleasure to teach. She’s a straight A student and she is happy, fun and kind. Her maths teacher said “if we had a class full of Laurens then more people would become teachers”. How lovely is that? I’m so happy and proud of my kids. I’ve been a single parent for 5 years now and it’s not been easy but things like yesterday really bring it home to me how amazing my kids are. We really are a team of 4.

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May 11, 2018

Glad you got off light, still, it’s a hard shock when you get broken into. Great job as a mom.

May 11, 2018

Seeing as your house wasn’t properly looted, it was probably local kids. Keep a close watch on your neighbors. 😉

May 11, 2018

It would have been traumatic-just the invasion of that act. Glad Lauren is doing well.Yes women can do it alone-I wish I had had the courage.